Three (3) Essentials for a Thriving Business

This site assumes that you already have an idea for a business – a product or service that you want to sell. There are numerous sites with ideas for starting a business. If you haven’t found what you want to sell, then you aren’t ready for this site. Bookmark us, and come again when you are ready to start and run your business.


1. Operations

You can have the best idea for a product or service, but if you don’t have the operations in place to deliver that product or service, your business will likely fail. What do I mean by “operations”? Operations is everything from how you provide your product or service to customers, your storefront (be it bricks-and-mortar or online), employee relations, customer service. We source business tips from high-power CEOs, small business owners, business coaches and mentors to provide both timeless and timely information for running a business.

2. Marketing

You can have a great product or service, and you can even have the operations in place to deliver that product to your customer. But if you don’t market your product or service, the business is going to fail. We talk with marketing experts about everything from how to successfully launch a new product or service, how to develop brand identity and a loyal following for your product or service, word-of-mouth and other “free” advertising, online marketing (including SEO and PPC strategies), how to get new customers, and how to keep existing customers coming back for more.

3. Legal

Legal issues are often overlooked until a situation arises where you as a business owner are forced to look at it. Unfortunately, A little planning can help reduce legal issues, and when they do occur, hopefully prevent these from taking over your business. We go direct to business lawyers and intellectual property law attorneys to help you identify potential pitfalls and how to address those before it becomes a problem – saving you time and money in the future – and perhaps saving your business from a costly legal dispute.
There’s a lot to starting and running a successful business. But if you focus on these 3 Essentials, your business will be well positioned in the marketplace and ready to take on the competition.


Next Steps…

• Checklists.
• Guides. Our Guides are short introductions with valuable insights on a variety of topics selected from the 3 Essentials for business. Use these in combination with our Checklists to get more insight into topics that are important to your business.
• Videos. Many of our Guides include links to videos that further explain important business principles.
• Online courses. Want to learn more? Take our online courses designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of a variety of topics from the 3 Essentials for business. Quiz yourself at the end of each module to ensure you have a good understanding of the topic before implementing it in your business.
• How-To e-Books. Our How-To e-Books are in-depth e-Books that elaborate on the topics from our various Guides. If you thought the Guide for a particular topic was helpful, just wait until you get all of the information packed into these How-To e-Books!

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